PFH Consulting  is growing  a network of industry specific  partnerships:



Our Team of DIRECT SELLING VETERANS have established performance records with start ups and established Direct Selling Companies and we are uniquely qualified to  provide guidance regarding the emerging CBD PRODUCT  Market.


The "DASH FOR CASH" has started and the impact of a changing regulatory framework will continue to be a challenge for ANY and EVERY COMPANY that explores the emerging CBDMARKET. Our affiliate partners insure that we are ALWAYS CURRENT on critical and relevant industry information.


In the past, many affiliate marketers focused on a catch-all approach, offering traffic up to hundreds or thousands of sites, even if they had little authority or traffic to give. But in 2018, advertisers will laser their focus into smaller groups of highly credible, targeted, and popular influencers. expanding outward. It’s nothing new that the industry is moving toward mobile, with 50% growth last year alone in mobile purchases. The real focus of 2018 will be how to integrate mobile with the rest of the customer journey, so advertisers can better understand customers, re-engage, and avoid wasting retargeting efforts.

PFH.DIGITAL is dedicated to building next generation EcoSystems that will allow companies to be SUSTAINABLE in this every changing environment !


PFH CONSULTING  BUYS, SELLS  DOMAINS that are unique and in some instances culturally /"POLITICALLY" Sensitively!

Our inventory of available domains changes so please check back often for new domains that may be offered for sale.


We "cut our teeth" in the Recruiting Industry over 30 Years ago and are the ONLY EXECUTIVE SEARCH FIRM that has the expertise to link the Emerging Cannabis/CBD Industry with the Direct Selling Industry AND...A NEXT GENERATION RECRUITING & COMPLIANCE PLATFORM that addresses DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY!